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We are your go-to team for property damage emergencies in Salida. With over 20 years of property damage restoration experience, helping homeowners recover after a tragedy like burst pipes or mold couldn’t be easier. We want to help you during this difficult time. The sooner your house is restored, the sooner you’ll be safe and feeling at home again. Worried about your insurance not covering the cost? We’ve got you covered.

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Expert, Quick, Reliable Restoration Services in Salida

We are not the average water damage cleanup company in Salida. Being away from your home isn’t easy. The sooner we can get your home restored after a disaster, the better life will be. With years of Salida city and building code knowledge, we promise you that we’re the only restoration team that will efficiently restore your home. Whether water damage, mold, or a fire has hit your home, we’re the team that can improve the situation, leaving you stress-free.

We are licensed and trained under the IICRC. Trust that your home is in good hands when you choose Rocky Mountain Restoration.

Restoring your home after a tragic disaster shouldn’t come with red tape or challenging contractors. We’ll help you during this crisis, call us anytime – our phones are available round the clock.

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Property Damage Restoration Services in Salida

Water Damage Cleanup & Full Removal

Has water found its way into your home? Whether your home was flooded or a roof leak led to damaged flooring and ruined furniture, we’ll fully remove the water, drying the area. With our high-tech drying equipment, we’ll be able to do more than just soak up the damaged area. We believe in completely restoring your Salida home. We’ll work hard to clean up all of the water, drying out the area, and removing any materials that were affected beyond salvage. Our local Salida team will do their best to keep any and all items damaged by the water. We’d prefer not to throw away the items that make your house a home.

Water damage is a very unfortunate experience, and we’re sad to hear it has befallen upon your home. However, we are here to make sure you’re no longer stress. Put the towels down and the dry-vac away. Call us out to clean up this water mess and leave your house dry – the way it should be.

Mold Inspection & Mitigation

Mold grows within 24 hours after water damage. That means, if you didn’t call us to immediately clean up the water, mold has most likely started to colonize in the affected areas. Never had water damage and suspect mold is growing in your home? Aside from visually seeing the mold or smelling it, there is another way to find it: with our mold inspection devices. Have a new home but never got it inspected for mold? Call us out today!

Don’t let mold ruin your home, making it unhealthy. Call us out to inspect your house for mold. We check deeper than the surface of your materials; we go into the drywall, under the tile, beneath the wood beams. We guarantee that we’ll remove all of the colonized mold, even if we’re dealing with the dreaded black mold.

Sewage Backup Cleanup & Decontamination

It’s not good enough to shovel up the sewage from the toilet drain and put it in a plastic bag. If sewage backed up through your drains, there are many possible reasons, ranging from a backed up sump pump to a clogged drain.

Don’t deal with sewage cleanup yourself. If you have sewage backup, you need a professional to clean out your Salida home, immediately. We suggest that you exit the house as soon as possible and contact our team of sewage specialists. We’ll do everything: clean up all of the sewage, remove the sewage from the affected materials in the home, remove the affected materials that aren’t salvageable, dispose of the furniture and flooring that were too damaged, and disinfect your home from the bacteria.

This isn’t a “do it yourself” job that you can do on your own. We have the equipment, the staff, the expertise, and the understanding that you need to come back to your home sooner than later. Trust in us to get your home back to a healthy, safe environment.

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire is the most devastating event that could happen to a home, but you’re not alone in this. We’re here to help guide you through the process of dealing with the unknowns and restoring your home so you can live in it again sooner rather than later. Your insurance knows that you deserve the compensation due as stated within your policy. Let us help you recover this financial benefit and restore your home after the fire.

House fires typically start from electrical sparks, wildfires, kitchen blunders, and even the smallest lit cigarette. Don’t let this unfortunate fire damage your life further. Get ahead of it by hiring the team of restoration experts that can quickly restore your home and help you navigate the troubles of insurance.

Frequently Asked Restoration Questions

Why Should I Go With a Local Salida Restoration Company?

Many corporations and franchises in the restoration industry claim to be the “very best”. The only problem is, most aren’t. These companies are unaware about the homeowner’s needs. On the other hand, when you choose a local restoration company out of Salida, you get a company that cares. Smaller, local restoration businesses live by helping the local community. We guarantee that we will do a better job on restoring your home than any other larger company.

The best way to choose a restoration company in Salida that you can fully trust to enter your home and restore it is to go with a local restoration company. We care more about your home and how our services affect you. At Rocky Mountain Restoration, we’re also experts at navigating your insurance claim so you get the most out of this tragic disaster. Choose us, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

What is the Cost of Water Damage Restoration?

To fully restore a home from the experience of water damage, you’re looking at spending thousands of dollars. This is because you’re paying for our time, expertise, equipment, and the materials your home needs for the repairs. Never fret though, since your homeowner’s insurance policy is set to assist in covering the costs. In fact, we’ll help you through the insurance red tape! Most restoration companies just take your money and ask that you deal with the dreadful insurance conversations, but not us. We want to put a smile on your face, even through the circumstances that brought us together.

Let us help you communicate with your insurance provider so we can get you the best deal, without your pockets running empty.

Should I Go With My Insurance’s Restoration Company Suggestion?

Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t tend to choose the best restoration company in the area. They have deals with the company that costs the least on their end; this tends to cause more harm than good. They end up creating new issues rather than mitigating the previous problems. We are the ones that end up cleaning up after their mess. Our recommendation is to not immediately go with the restoration company that your insurance suggests. We know that it’s an emergency, but doing your research is more important than you think!

What Can Cause Water Damage in Salida?

Many water damage emergencies start with a plumbing emergency! Busted pipes leaks, sewage backups, broken seals, it all leads to water damage. That’s why Rocky Mountain Restoration deals with plumbing emergencies in other cities. In fact, it’s the leading cause for why we come out to help our clients with water damage emergencies.


We help homeowners in their time of need from start to finish. Starting with the plumbing problem’s source. After identifying the source, we’ll stop the issue, then move into extracting the water. Using our moisture detecting devices, we’ll remove any materials in your home that are past saving, but we’ll try to keep as much of your home as we can.

From there, we’ll start on restoring the damaged area. We’re your all-in-one team.

With 20+ years of water damage and plumbing experience, no business in Salida is as knowledgeable or confident in restoring your home as we are. We guarantee we can fix your problem for water damage emergencies. Since plumbing is a root source of water damage, it’s best to have a team on your side that understands the ins-and-outs of plumbing.


We’ve got you covered.