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Emergency Service for Help with Smoke Damage and Wildfire Ash

We provide specialized services for smoke and ash damages to your property. We provide services for structural cleaning, insulation removal, drywall cleaning, painting, exterior siding cleaning, roof cleaning, emergency board-up, inventory contents, full pack-out all contents, carpet cleaning and replacement, tile and grout cleaning, ozone and hydroxyl deodorization, air purification, and many other services that are necessary for a proper smoke and fire mitigation.

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What Can Be Restored?

We need to determine what can be salvaged and cleaned. A scope of services will be provided for fire damage. Dealing with smoke cleaning, fire damaged contents and a fire burned structure must be handled with a degree of caution. Contents preservation procedures for items that quickly deteriorate such as electronics and papers are promptly implemented.

Rocky Mountain Restoration will then evaluate items to determine if they can be cost-effectively restored. There may be structural damage to your home where entire sections of your home may have to be rebuilt. We can assess the structural damage and determine if a structural engineer may have to be involved in the restoration process.

    Types of Fires

    Not all fires are the same. Different cleaning methods are involved with different fire damage restoration. Our team uses professional HEPA vacuum and treatments that will break up smoke molecules and eliminate odors.


    Which involve wood and electrical fires which burn fast leaving behind soot and smoke. Dry fires are cleaned with sponges and solutions.


    These are caused by burning of oil based petroleum products and need to be cleaned or materials removed.


    These are caused by cooking. These fires leave behind smoke odors that are difficult to remove and need to be cleaned or material removed.

    After Fire Damage

    Communicating to your insurance company to the extent of replacing materials is essential to receiving a full recovery for your loss. It is extremely important during the onset of this tedious process to take the time to get professional advice.

    Rocky Mountain Restoration can provide service for fire damage restoration or replacement of damaged items. We can provide hints to prevent further damage, help determine which items can or cannot be refurbished, and provide estimates and services for thorough smoke cleaning and deodorizing your home. The cost of fire damage restoration may be substantially less than the cost of replacing damaged furnishings and floors. Items such as electronics, wool woven rugs, drapery, and certain types of clothing have a specialized cleaning process that must be cleaned and mitigated properly.

    Fire and Smoke Damage is the most catastrophic type of loss. Fire damage loss can involve a combination of damages including structural damage, asbestos damage, mold damage, smoke damage, fire damage and water damage caused by by fire departments and fire suppression systems. We will implement our special smoke cleaning processes and content pack-outs to give your property the upmost care.