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24/7 Sewage Backup Cleaning Services

Sewage in your home?! Yikes! Contact us immediately to get it cleaned up and your house disinfected. Sewage backup is a blackwater, making it the most toxic water. It mainly contains excrement, urine, and other hazardous waste. This will contaminate furniture, carpets, wood floors, and other organic materials found in the home. Sometimes, it’s caused by sump pump failure or blockage, which could be anything from grease to materials that don’t break down such as hair and nails.

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We are Locally Owned and Operated

Rocky Mountain Restoration is headquartered in Gunnison, Colorado, making us the fastest responders in an emergency situation within the Gunnison, Chafee, and Montrose counties.

We are a dedicated team of expert sewage removal and cleanup specialists. No one wants to deal with sewage, but if it’s got to be cleaned up, it’s better to trust someone who’s been in the industry for over 20 years. We’re here for you in your time of need. We promise that we’ll be as efficient as the larger corporations, but we’ll have the passion and determination of the local business that only serves your area.

Efficient, Competent, Reliable Sewage Cleanup & Disinfecting

Trust is so important when you’re relying on a team to make your home healthy and safe again. We understand this, which is why we’re dedicated to restoring your house to its orginal state.

Full Sewage Removal

We’ll inspect your entire home for sewage backup. Typically, the drains throughout your entire home experience some sort of backup, if they didn’t, you’re lucky. Other times, it could just be your basement or crawlspace that encounters the brunt of the sewage. This is good, it means that it’s contained to a particular area of the house. No matter, we’ll still do a full walkthrough of your home during the cleanup process to ensure all of the sewage has been removed. We do a deep dive looking at every crevice, nook, and cranny in your house. Using our moisture detection devices, we can find every area that the blackwater touched.

Water Damage Restoration

This isn’t just sewage we’re dealing with, it’s water – dirty, toxic water. This means that while we’re cleaning up the sewage, we’re also extracting the water from your home and its materials. It’s a larger job than just water damage restoration, but this type of restoration is part of the sewage backup removal process. We need to make sure that the moisture levels in your home have decreased to a healthy state.

Too much moisture can lead to mold colonizing within 24 hours after water damage. There are many factors we take into consideration when we jump into a sewage backup project. Don’t worry, we’ll be checking through the list of problematic possibilities the sewage backup could have created.

Surface Disinfecting

Once all of the sewage backup is taken care of, it’s time to disinfect the surface areas in the home. We do this to keep your health and safety at the forefront of our service priorities. This is your home, you need to be able to live in it without health risks. Disinfecting will destroy bacteria and keep it from growing further. Disinfecting services will include wiping down affected areas and cleaning the air in the home. Disinfection is a deeper cleaning service than sanitation; it destroys bacteria at a higher rate.

We may have to remove some furniture pieces that were contaminated by the sewage backup, but we’ll do our best to keep what we can.