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Guaranteed Quality Service for Your Water Damage Emergencies!

The weather in Western Colorado can be messy, especially in the springtime during the snow melt. This can threaten your home with unexpected plumbing, sewage and water damage emergencies. If you are in or around the Gunnison, Salida, Lake City, or Crested Butte areas, you know that quick help can be hard to find. That is why we are located here too and can help with your cleanup, dry-out and restoration needs quickly and professionally!

We don’t travel from Denver like some of the other companies who claim to be local.

For all emergencies, use our hotline to speak with us!

We have built and rebuilt over $25+ million in  property damages and completed many other smaller projects.

We are not just an average water damage cleanup restoration company. We also deliver superb contracting services with 20 years in the home restoration and home building business. We can obtain building permits for the rebuild of your property. Most water restoration companies are not legally permitted or capable to rebuild the property after a water damage loss – for example, they can simply dry the structure and clean the carpets.

Rocky Mountain Restoration can handle your entire claim. Services provided are eliminating the water source, replacing studs, drywall, and trim, re-laying hardwood floor, and paint.

IICRC Certification

We’re Water Damage Restoration Experts

WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION EQUIPMENT: We use state-of-the-art water damage cleanup restoration equipment from Phoenix and Dri-Eaz. Our equipment is kept in like-new condition and is cleaned between jobs to ensure there is no cross-contamination. Our dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers are the most energy-efficient equipment available.

WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION TECHNIQUES: Our technicians are IICRC certified in water cleanup restoration and we always attempt to restore water damages with minimally invasive techniques. The less material we need to remove the faster your home can be restored. We may utilize drying techniques of using dry heat where necessary, helping to decrease the Relative Humidity (RH).

COMPLETION OF RESTORATION: Addressing water damage immediately is our primary concern. The quicker our technicians address the water damage the faster the water restoration process can be completed. When water has time to absorb into the materials, microbes begin to grow and the water damage can change from a Class 1 (Clean Water) to a Class 2 (Grey Water) or a Class 3 (Black Water) very rapidly. This can result in microbial (mold) growth which can be potentially harmful to humans and pets.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: For the preservation of your personal property, we will ask you to remove any items or contents that don’t need to be in the area of the restoration. Items include firearms, ammunition, jewelry, valuables, heirlooms, and items of sentimental values.

INSURANCE COMPANIES: We may be referred by insurance companies or agents, but we are not the insurance company. We’re here to take care of you and assist the insurance adjuster in scoping the loss. Our job is to prevent further water damage, to preserve your property, and to restore damaged property to its prior condition.

WHAT CAN BE RESTORED: Determining what can be saved depends on the material that was water damaged and how long it has been wet. We monitor the drying process until drying is complete. A scope of services will be provided upon our arrival to the scene.

YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY: Your health and safety are of great concern to us. We use the most eco-friendly sanitizers and disinfectants available on the market. We will provide you with a full disclosure of the products that we use for water extraction, cleanup, and restoration. We respect your property and will always provide you with the option to opt-out from us applying sanitizers and disinfectants in your home.

NO PUNCH-LIST PHILOSOPHY: This means that when we leave, the job will be completed. There will not be a “punch-list” of projects that still need to be completed and ultimately, you will be satisfied when we’re finished.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

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Find & Repair the Problem

We start by scouting out the cause of the plumbing emergency/water damage. Once we’ve identified the issue, we’ll help repair it so you don’t endure further damages.

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Extract the Water & Dry Out the House

Our team will take a moisture level scan to find the affected areas. We’ll extract all of the excess water with our top-of-the-line extraction equipment, moving the water out of the house. Next, we’ll dry out the area so moisture doesn’t stick. Bringing the levels down to a safe humidity, we’ll move the air in the house.

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Inspect & Prevent Mold Growth

Drying out the air assists with mold prevention — we’ll also inspect the affected area(s) for mold. Moisture can lead to mold within 24 hours if the right requirements in the environment are met. If we find mold, we’ll remove it. If we don’t find mold or if we’ve removed all of the mold, we’ll prevent further mold growth opportunities.

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Insurance Assistance

We’re here for you! It’s our mission to make your life easier, which is why we’re ready to help you with the insurance red tape. The less money you have to spend out-of-pocket, the better! We’re very comfortable with navigating insurance policies. The more money we can help you get, the better off you’ll be. Let us help you work with your insurance to get the best return from a bad situation.

Emergency Plumbing in Gunnison

As you probably know, we’re not your typical restoration company. Emergency plumbing situations can happen to anyone, and it’s horrible when it does, but that’s why we’re here. Rocky Mountain Restoration deals with plumbing emergencies all the time. In fact, it’s the leading cause for why we come out to help our clients with water damage emergencies.


Busted pipes, leaks, backups, broken seals, you name it, we’ve handled it. We help homeowners in their time of need from start to finish. Starting with the plumbing emergency, we’ll repair the issue then track down the water damage wherever it has spread. Once we’ve found the water-damaged materials, we’ll extract the water and dry out the area.

What we offer homeowners is a full-scope solution that hits every mark. You need a plumber to find and repair the problem, a restoration company to fix the damage, and a home construction company to rebuild the damaged area. Skip the hassle of calling out a plumber and have it handled with our local restoration business. We’ve been doing this for 20+ years, so we’re very confident in our workmanship.


We promise to do everything we can to keep as much of your home’s materials intact. Understand that many materials like carpet and drywall will most likely be removed during the process to help us get to the issue and mitigate the damages. This will entirely depend on how much damage the water has caused and how far/where it spread.

Why it’s important to hire us, not your regular plumber

Hiring a local plumber isn’t necessarily an issue, but it does cause you to take an extra step. Your local plumber typically calls us when water damage is involved, that’s because they aren’t specialized in handling a water damage situation.

Skip the middleman and go straight to the source.

Call us if you have a plumbing emergency!

We’ve worked with a great many plumbers, and we tend to take over the job since we have more experiences with plumbing emergencies and the snowball effects they have. One thing leads to another and you’ve got more damages on your hands than you’d like. In a past life, we were custom home builders. So we know the ins and outs of a house like no one else.

Our team has also dealt with over 1,500 insurance claims. So we can help lift more stress from your shoulders during and after this horrible situation.