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When You Suspect Wind Damage

Wind storms in Colorado can be unpredictable and can hit anywhere at anytime and anywhere. This Year we here have received some of the worst tornadoes, wind, and hail storms, producing severe damage to homes and structures. Sheds, fences, gazebos, awnings, sunrooms, patios are all items that are susceptible to wind damage.

Its not Just the House that Gets Damaged

Damages from flying debris, lighting, high winds, falling trees, falling tree branches can occur. There extensive insurance coverage issues that need to be addressed when looking at a property.

Common wind damages

Flying Debris: Items such as cans, bottles, signs, trees, glass, roof shingles, lawn furniture, and toys can become flying debris (or projectiles) in high winds. They frequently cause severe property damage to siding, screens, windows, air conditioners, garage doors, and shingles on the roof, as well as major injuries and even death.

Shingles damage: Shingles on the roof are lifted and are creased, thus decreasing the lifespan of the shingle. Sometimes debris collects under the shingle and the shingle is no longer sealed to the roof. Over time the shingle can lift up during a gust of wind and tear off.

Siding damage: Siding can become detached from the wall and torn off. If you have aluminum or vinyl siding, your home is extremely susceptible to this type of damage. We will evaluate the extent of siding damage and whether repair or replacement of all the siding is necessary.

Power outage: A power outage is quite common with windstorms and may leave you without power for extended periods of time. Electrical lines may sustain damage from falling trees and the power box may become disengaged from the house. Damages sustained with a power outage are related to loss of food, generator expense, eating out expenses, temporary hotel stays, and additional gas expenses.

Lightning: Damages from lighting can be devastating to a home causing fires and damage to house wiring, electrical outlets, breaker boxes, computers, TV’s, stereo system, lights, refrigerators, and any other electrical device.

Trees: Falling trees and tree branches can cause extensive damage to a structure pulling power lines off the house and damaging not only the exterior of the home but the impact can also cause damage to the interior drywall and trim. A tree can cause a penetration in the home, exposing the interior and making the home susceptible to water damage. Additionally, there is a considerable expense to have trees removed.